RPS to outline pipeline corridors options at Information Evening next Tuesday 12th June, 2007

RPS, the independent consultants employed by the Corrib Gas Partners to find a new modified route for the Corrib onshore gas pipeline will hold an Information Evening on Tuesday in the Broadhaven Bay Hotel. The purpose of this event is to communicate the criteria that will be used in the selection of the final route and to outline pipeline corridor options that have been identified from initial studies of the study area.

Using land registry searches, RPS has identified over 200 registered landowners (including those with a share in commonage) on the broad corridors (each corridor is approximately 300 metres wide) and has written to them to make them aware of this and to formally invite them to the Information Evening event on Tuesday next.

Alternative consultation arrangements are in place for any landowner who is unavailable to attend Tuesday’s public information sharing and consultation event.

Over the next month RPS will carry out further technical work on the corridors and will seek input from the community and statutory bodies before making a full evaluation of all options. RPS will then short-list preferred route corridors and will communicate these publicly.

PJ Rudden, RPS Director said “We have made every effort to be as comprehensive, transparent and open as possible about the criteria that will be used in the route selection process as well as being clear about the phases we are going through to find the best alternative route for the onshore Corrib pipeline. On behalf of Corrib Gas Partners, we are honouring the recommendation issued by Mr Peter Cassells, to “modify the route of the pipeline in the vicinity of Rossport to address community concerns regarding proximity to housing”. We have therefore sent letters to over 200 registered landowners in the pipeline study area.”

He went on to say “At this point, some of the corridors look to be more suitable than others, but we want to get the views of the local community and other interested parties before we begin ‘walkover’ surveys to identify a shortlist of preferred corridors next month. Landowner agreement will be sought before any lands are included in these walk-over surveys”.

For further information please contact Mary Murphy: tel 01 2846338 / 0872336415