New Planning Application to be submitted for Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline - 13th December, 2008

RPS, on behalf of Shell E&P Ireland Limited (SEPIL) has withdrawn the application for the Corrib onshore gas pipeline and will submit a new application to An Bord Pleanála in early 2009.

A revised application will now seek minor realignments to part of the proposed route for the Corrib onshore pipeline, in order to avoid more sensitive habitat, including bog pools, in the Rossport commonage, identified during recent surveys.

In addition to the proposed realignments, the updated application will seek, in certain areas, planning approval for a wider route corridor within which the proposed Corrib onshore pipeline will be constructed. A revised application for Compulsory Acquisition Orders (CAO’s) will also be re-submitted to the Board to ensure alignment with the pipeline application.

PJ Rudden, Group Director of RPS, the consultants overseeing route selection and construction of the onshore pipeline, said: “The route of the pipeline will largely remain unchanged, and will remain a minimum of 140 metres from occupied dwellings. If approved by An Bord Pleanála, a wider route corridor will ensure that there is the possibility of making further small deviations to the route during the construction phase, should this be deemed necessary in particular for environmental reasons.

The updated submission will be made early in the new year and will include information on the Srahmore Peat Deposition Site, additional information previously submitted to the Board, as well as an up-dated Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in one concise application. It will be made publicly available through the RPS and SEPIL office and all parties will have an opportunity to make submissions through the statutory consultation period.