Geo-Technical Surveys of Sruwaddacon Bay Complete – August 15th 2008

RPS has recently completed 10 weeks of Geo-Technical Surveys in Sruwaddacon Bay. Fourteen boreholes were drilled to depths of between 25 and 35 metres and soil samples gathered. The samples were sent for laboratory analysis in order to obtain information on the characteristics of the underlying soils in the bay, which in turn will assist in the detailed design for the construction of the onshore gas pipeline.  All works were carried out in compliance with the Foreshore Licence that was granted to Shell E&P Ireland Limited (SEPIL) by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food in February 2008. The relevant regulatory authorities were also consulted during the site investigations. Once removed from the Bay, the jack up platform which contained the two drilling rigs was fully demobilised at Ballyglass Pier, which completed the site works.

Click here to view a picture of the Jack Up Platform in Sruwaddacon Bay.