RPS Responds to Recent Press Reports in Relation to Possible Siting of the Corrib Gas Terminal at Glinsk - April 29th 2008

RPS refer to recent press reports that some Erris residents support a proposal by three local priests to site the Corrib Gas Terminal at Glinsk. These reports refer to 'this site being first identified by RPS last year'.

RPS was tasked with finding a pipeline route and we have never been engaged in finding a terminal site. RPS wishes to clarify that we did not suggest Glinsk as a site for the terminal at any point.

Glinsk was identified last summer as a possible site for a landfall and pipeline route by a local priest during public consultation around a modified pipeline route.

Following investigations and surveys we found it to be a very unsuitable location for a landfall as it was very exposed on a 50m high cliff. In addition, a pipeline route from Glinsk back to Bellanaboy would be environmentally unacceptable as it passes through some 6km of intact blanket bog, which is a Priority 1 Habitat and traverses an EU Life Programme bog restoration.

In September 2007, RPS shortlisted three routes but dismissed the Glinsk route on environmental and technical grounds. These grounds are fully outlined in the Environmental Impact Statement, which is published this week as part of the statutory planning applications.