Revised Applications Submitted for Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline - 9th February, 2009

The Corrib Gas Partners today announced that they have started the process to resubmit the revised applications for the Corrib onshore pipeline to An Bord Pleanála (ABP), the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (DCENR) and the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Food (DAFF). The applications, which will be submitted during the coming week, will include an application under Section 40 of the Gas Act to the DCENR, an application under the Strategic Infrastructure Act for the pipeline to ABP, and a Compulsory Acquisition Order application also to ABP. A foreshore licence application was made to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food last week.

The new applications are seeking minor route realignments and a wider route corridor. However the pipeline will remain a minimum of 140 metres from currently occupied dwellings and the proposed route is to remain largely unchanged from that submitted in April 2008. The new applications will also include an updated Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), to include additional information in response to requests received from the various statutory bodies during the application process in 2008. The applications seek minor realignments to part of the route in order to avoid more sensitive habitat in the Rossport commonage, identified during surveys.

A further period of public consultation will follow and details of the applications will be made publicly available through the RPS and SEPIL offices. All parties will have an opportunity to make submissions through the statutory consultation period.