Corrib Onshore Gas Pipeline - An Bord Pleanála Oral Hearing 2010

Corrib Onshore Pipeline EIS - Addendum Report and Errata - August 2010

The Addendum and Errata to the Corrib Onshore Pipeline EIS presented at the Oral Hearing is attached below.


Oral Hearing Briefs Of Evidence

Below you will find the briefs of evidence read into the oral hearing by the project expert witnesses along with any visual presentations given.

  1. Route Selection and Alternatives Considered
  2. General Construction
  3. Tunnel Construction
  4. Community Issues and Planning Policy Context
  5. Geotechnical and Ground Conditions
  6. Introduction to Appendix Q
  7. Operation of the Corrib Pipeline
  8. Onshore Pipeline and the Landfall Valve Installation (LVI) Design
  9. Pipeline Protection
  10. Qualitative Risk Assessment
  11. Quantitative Risk Assessment
  12. Peatland Hydrology and Hydrogeology  
  13. Appropriate Hazard Distance
  14. Public Safety
  15. Traffic and Roads
  16. Landscape and Visual
  17. Groundborne Noise and Vibration
  18. Noise and Vibration
  19. Underwater Archaeology
  20. Archaeology, Architectural Heritage and Cultural Heritage
  21. Marine and Freshwater Environment Issues
  22. Terrestrial Ecology & Avian Fauna
  23. Cumulative Impacts


Additional Site Investigation Information


Additional Information Submitted to the Hearing