Corrib Gas Project

The Corrib Natural Gas Field was discovered in 1996 by Enterprise Oil, some 83km off the north west coast of Ireland, it has since been acquired by Shell in 2002.

The Corrib gas field was discovered in 350 metres of water with the gas reservoir a further 3000 metres below the seabed.  By global standards the Corrib gas field is a medium sized field, estimated to contain approximately two thirds the amount of gas contained in the Kinsale Head gas field.

It will supply up to 60% of Ireland’s gas needs during peak supply and is estimated to have a field life of between 15 and 20 years. 

Corrib gas will be developed using sub sea technology tied back to an onshore gas terminal.  This means that once the wells are drilled there will be no need for a permanent platform structure in place as the wells will be controlled from land. 

This is best practice for a field of this type and size and is similar in design to some of the most modern gas field developments in Europe such as the Ormen Lange field in Norway. 

The image below shows an overview of how the Corrib field will be developed.