What's in the Gas?

The natural gas in the Corrib Gas Field is a very pure form of gas, consisting of approximately 97% methane/ethane, which is similar to that transported through gas transmission pipelines, as reported by Advantica Ltd.

The gas contains small amounts of water and condensate (hydrocarbons in liquid form very similar to a light oil e.g. diesel/ kerosene).

In order for the gas to get ashore in a safe and efficient manner, it is treated off-shore by injecting it with two substances - one is a form of anti-freeze (methanol) and the other an anti-corrosion product.

At the Bellanaboy terminal, the incoming gas will be conditioned by removing the water and all other liquids before being fed into the Bord Gáis Éireann network for subsequent distribution to homes in Ireland.

Referring to gas composition, the Advantica report stated that the gas in the Corrib Gas Field was similar to that normally transported through transmission pipelines, and contained a very high methane content, and that while the gas was unprocessed, “pipeline technology for transporting unprocessed gas is well-established”, according to Advantica Ltd.

Holland, is an EU country where there are many examples of onshore high pressure gas pipelines carrying both processed and unprocessed gas in close proximity to housing and public amenities.